The next phase of Open Source is now


Open Source has evolved from

Free Software to SaaS

The SaaS space is at an all-time high with an abundance of proprietary and open source products in the market. As for the open source software products, the next phase is now.

*Open Source Software is present in 90% of organisations in support of their IT infrastructure. It has significant benefits around reduced costs, extensive support, reliability and quality. The products are highly customizable–encouraging innovation. They also offer flexibility around features, pricing and more.

The development of commercial open source (COSS) products is also on the rise. COSS products offer the best of both worlds–proprietary and open source. They have business models and offer enterprise features, services, support, training, integrations, certifications etc.

However, many products are still unable to reach their full potential–mainly due to a lot of myths that still exist around the open source space.

Scoutflo's Core Objectives


Help OSS products compete with proprietary SaaS products in a level-playing field.

Help OSS products compete with proprietary SaaS products in a level-playing field.
Empower the OSS ecosystem to coexist in a collaborative community.
Offer reliable, reviewed and verifed OSS products tested on multiple parameters.
Increase the revenue of COSS companies and enable fair compensation for contributors.
Enable seamless communication between stakeholders on a single platform.
Simplify complex documentation, product roadmaps, and reduce the friction of onboarding products.

Are you one of these?

Here's how we'll help you

COSS Product

An open source product company with a subscription-based pricing model, looking to get paid customers.

Help your products get listed, discovered, and distributed.


An organisation looking for customisable SaaS solutions for one or more use cases, and eventually building the tech stack.

Help you find the right products for your specific use case.


An individual from a tech or non-tech background, contributing to the open source community. Developer, maintainer, designer or writer.

Help you get projects to earn monetary and non-monetary rewards.

More about what's in it for you

The open-source market space is largely untapped from a monetization and growth perspective. We want to make open-source more accessible, user-friendly, and mainstream.

In the near future, we also want to start rewarding contributors and provide them with growth opportunities.

We’re currently focusing on helping OSS product founders, owners and maintainers achieve their true potential with their innovations, and build scalable and sustainable solutions. For businesses, we want to create a smooth, user-friendly journey right from product discovery to its enablement.

For COSS Products
For Businesses

Get Discovered

Help customers find your product.

  • List reliable, credible products that are *Scoutflo verified.
  • Present the necessary data points for evaluation by potential buyers.
  • Make the process of your product’s discovery user-friendly and accessible.

Enable Distribution

Help you overcome distribution-related challenges.

  • Increase your product’s awareness.
  • Educate the potential buyers about the product.
  • Perform outbound sales to increase product distribution.

Monetize your Product

Create paid opportunities for products and contributors.

  • Help create alternate revenue streams through feature requests, resolved issues etc.
  • Enable dynamic and value-based pricing and comparison filters.
  • Provide analytics to track and manage cash flow and spending.

A sneak peek of Scoutflo's product vision

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The commercial open source marketplace is now LIVE
Find high-quality OSS tools to meet your business needs.