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Making Commercial Open Source mainstream

We're building a platform to increase the awareness and adoption of commercial open source, and help businesses find reliable products.

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Why is Open Source the way forward?

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Open Source is free of cost

constraints and lock-ins

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Open Source lacks support

is community-driven and reliable

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Open Source is not scalable

scalable and flexible

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Open Source is not secure

secure and transparent

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Open Source is inferior in quality

high-quality and cost-effective

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Open Source is developer centric

user-friendly and accessible

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What is Scoutflo?

Commercial open source software (COSS) products combine the flexibility of open-source, with the reliability of proprietary software.

Scoutflo is a platform for discovering the best commercial open source products in the market. We aim to solve the discovery and distribution challenges of COSS products and help businesses find the right products for their needs.

Why is now the best time for Open Source?



of IT leaders expect to increase their use of COSS for emerging technologies.*




in revenue annually is
now generated by COSS companies.#



see enterprise open source as more secure or as secure proprietary software.*

Your search ends here.

For COSS Products

As a commercial open-source product company, you can:

  • bullet iconGet you product discovered
  • bullet iconReduce buyer friction
  • bullet iconGet more paid customers
  • bullet iconGet faster and direct customer feedback
  • bullet iconUnderstand customer requirements
  • bullet iconCommunicate effectively with customers

For Businesses

As a business looking for an open-source product, you can:

  • bullet iconDiscover a range of reliable products
  • bullet iconNarrow down your search with filters
  • bullet iconCompare product features
  • bullet iconMake better buying decisions
  • bullet iconExperience frictionless onboarding
  • bullet iconCommunicate your specific requirements
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The commercial open source marketplace is now LIVE
Find high-quality OSS tools to meet your business needs.